wonderment for everything (the_ether) wrote in afk_cafe,
wonderment for everything

Level 1 Philanthropist

Win! We raised $230 at last Saturday's movie night. Many large thanks to those who came along and donated.

The selection of movies was a success in general. If you disagree, tell us what we should screen at the next one. Any and all feedback is welcome - there's a discussion going on at the Facebook group about what the theme and movies should be at the next one. Or you can be like the cool kids, and comment here. If you have an idea for something cool, and you think we'd be a good venue, let us know.

Don't forget to book for the All-Nighter! (6pm 29/9 to 8am 30/9)

Oh, and also, yarrr!
Tags: all-nighter, charity, movie night, talk like a pirate
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