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Things! Stuff!

Up and coming event-type things:

Saturday September 15th: Movie Night!

Starting at around 7pm, this movie night is in aid of a charity named Child's Play. Founded by the authors of Penny Arcade, this organisation raises money to donate video game platforms and games to children's hospitals.
Price: $10 donation (includes popcorn and a drink.)
-We at afk will be covering the cost of the popcorn and drink, so every cent of your donation goes directly to the charity. Mater Children's Hospital (which is just up the road from the cafe itself) was the first Australian hospital to benefit from this charity, so dig deep.

Movies showing:
-The Princess Bride
-The Big Lebowski

We anticipate this thing lasting until about 1 in the morning, so don't plan anything for early the next day. The order of the movies is not set in stone.

6pm Saturday September 29th - 8am Sunday September 30th: All-Nighter!
It's another all-nighter! Bring your pillows and blankets, and come along early to reserve yourself a couch.

Price: This one costs $20 for members and $25 for non-members, which provides you with all-night intarwebs access. Book early to go in the draw for a crappy MP3 player!

For $20 more you can get the meal deal, which constitutes one main and one drink for dinner, and one meal and one drink for breakfast. The kitchen closes at 10pm, after which time you'll be stuck with whatever Jason can produce.
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