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afk cafe
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Defrag Yourself

Welcome to afk cafe's LiveJournal community! Here you will find announcements about events, new specials, and general gab about the glorious venue itself. Feel free to post here about gatherings and events, but also please notify Jason (owner-dude) if you'll be bringing a horde. It's also a place for general discussion about nerdy goings-on, both locally and around the world.

How To Play (ie. Rules)
1. Please note that underage people may be viewing posts in this community. If something is inappropriate, not work safe or might, in some universe, offend people, please post it under a cut with a warning. If you don't capitulate, you'll get a warning, and your post may be edited or deleted (depending on the content.)

2. Play nice. We'll have no flame wars here, plzkthx.

3. Retain your sense of humour. If something others find funny is not your cup of tea, move on.

For more guidelines on how to conduct yourself, please read The Eight 'I'd Really Rather You Didn'ts' of Pastafarianism.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the cafe or this community, please contact a helpful (and only periodically irascible) mod at kj.wenham@gmail.com