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2008 is here and its got stuff!!!1!!

Welcome to 2008!

This year we have some awesome stuff planned! We have already had our first movie night - please feel free to post ideas for the subsequent movie night themes!

We also have more all-nighters planned (of course) the next one is set for the 26th of Jan with a console gaming Winter-een-mas theme .... xboxes and Wii's will be in attendence (along with Halo, Guitar Hero 3, Burnout 3, Gears of War ...) :P

If you - a member - come in to the cafe anytime during the Winter-een-mas week - bringing a friend who just happens to sign up to be a member - you - a member - will recieve 5 free hrs on your internet time account!!

(this also works if you arent yet a member / have been meaning to sign up as a member - all you need to do is [obviously] ... come in .. sign up .... and THEN get a friend to sign up as a paying member - to ensure your free 5hrs)

Winter-een-mas week is from the 25th - 31st Jan

Membership costs $22

For your alternative gaming needs we have some (somewhat) regular afk Cafe gatherings:

Blood Bowl (Tuesday nights)
Board Games (Thursday nights)
D&D (all days but mostly Fridays)

check out the afk community

also check out the facebook group

or contact our friendly staff for further questions / comments / demands / etc
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