theoneabsolute (theoneabsolute) wrote in afk_cafe,

movie night - cartoons!!

The first movie night of 2008 is here!

It will commence at 7pm on January 12th and this months theme is cartoons.

The line up is as follows:

Beauty and the Beast (G)
Toy Story (G)
The Incredibles (PG)
Titan AE (PG)

The cost is the usual $10 per person, with all proceeds being donated to Child's Play.

Bring your friends (the max PG rating mean you can bring just about anyone), rock up for dinner, get in early to reserve a couch (or bribe the staff with extra donations to have one reserved for you) and get ready for a fantastic night of 'attemping' to stop people reciting the movies and singing along to the songs ;)

Tags: afk, charity, child's play, movie night
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